Ordering Transcripts, 1-2-3!

The first step to ordering a transcript is to make sure you have the proper case information:

  • Name of the case and docket number.  Provide the full case name (example - Comm. v. John Doe or John Doe v. Jane Smith) and the full docket number, including the county (example – SUCR2013-01234 or SUCV2013-56789)
  • Name of the judge and courtroom number. Provide the name of the judge that presided over the case and the courtroom where the case was held.
  • Date and time of your proceeding.  Provide the date, start time, and end time of the proceeding, If you don't know the exact start or end time, AM or PM is helpful in locating the specific case on the audio recording.
  • NAC (Notice of Assignment of Counsel) number. Provide the NAC number if you are ordering an indigent transcript that will be paid for by the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS).

The second step is to obtain a copy of the transcript order form pdf format of Transcript Order Form for Superior, Juvenile, Housing

The third step is to complete the transcript order form. The order form is the same for all cases in the Superior, Suffolk Juvenile, and Boston Housing courts.

Once the form is completed, send the form to Transcription Services by e-mail to ots@jud.state.ma.us or fax at 617-878-0762.

Transcribers Prepare Transcripts

Approved court transcribers on the Massachusetts trial court list are selected to prepare these official transcripts.

Obtain a copy of the transcriber list pdf format of Approved Transcriber List