The Trial Court Security Department is comprised of over 1,100 dedicated public safety officers who are assigned to each courthouse in the Commonwealth. By providing a safe and secure environment for the administration of justice, the members of the Security Department contribute to the Trial Court's objective to deliver justice to the public with dignity and speed . The Security Department continuously works to deliver effective security by preventing threats from gaining access to court buildings; by reacting quickly and effectively to mitigate any security incident; and by applying technology and expertise to minimize security risks. A professional and highly trained workforce that is worthy of public trust and confidence performs this mission.

Massachusetts Trial Court Announces Court Officer and Probation Officer Eligibility Exam Dates and Registration Process

The Trial Court today announced exam dates and opened online registration for the entry exams required to establish eligibility to apply for Court Officer and Probation Officer positions.

The exam for Probation Officer eligibility will be conducted on June 28th and for Court Officer eligibility on July 19th.  Both exams will be conducted at the Boston Convention & Exposition Center on Summer Street.  Learn More