This Land Court Military Affidavit form may be used in all Land Court case types where the filing of a Military Affidavit is applicable.  The Land Court Military Affidavit is in PDF fillable format and complies with both the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (the “SCRA”), 50 U.S.C. § 3931(b), and Mass. R. Civ. P. 55(b)(4). 

The SCRA requires an affiant to “show[] necessary facts to support the affidavit,” SCRA § 3931(b)(1)(A), and accordingly, the Supporting Facts section of the form must be completed prior to filing.  This may include facts actually known via contact with the party.  If the Defendant’s/Respondent’s social security number and other identifying information is known, a search to determine whether he or she is on active military duty can be made online at the Department of Defense Manpower Data Center website,  Otherwise, you may write to the appropriate military service headquarters, listed at  If you are unable to determine whether the Defendant/Respondent is on active military duty, the court may require you to post a bond or may issue other orders to protect the rights of the Defendant/Respondent if he or she is on active military duty.