Land Court
Three Pemberton Square
Boston, MA 02108

Main    617-788-7470
Fax      617-788-8951
TTY      617-788-8956

Land Court Recorder's Office Hours
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Recorder and Land Court Personnel

NameTitlePhone Number
Deborah J. PattersonRecorder(617) 788-7470
Ellen M. KelleyDeputy Recorder(617) 788-7470
Edmund A. Williams
Chief Title Examiner(617) 788-7470
Thomas C. PontbriandChief Surveyor(617) 788-7470
Melvin A. KarasAssistant Clerk(617) 788-7470
Sheila R. GrandfieldTitle Examiner(617) 788-7470
Leo W. Bieler, IIITitle Examiner(617) 788-7470
John R. HarringtonTitle Examiner(617) 788-7470
Marlene M. AyashTitle Examiner(617) 788-7470
George C. AxiotisTitle Examiner(617) 788-7470
John R. McCoyTitle Examiner(617) 788-7470
James H. BothwellTitle Examiner(617) 788-7470

Sessions Clerks for the Judges

NameAssignmentsPhone Number
Elizabeth Browning
Sessions Clerk for Judge Piper (GHP)(617) 788-7442
Kathleen Hayes
Sessions Clerk for Chief Justice Cutler (JCC) and Recorder Patterson(617) 788-7425
Jennifer Masello
Sessions Clerk for Judge Sands (AHS)(617) 788-7406   
Jennifer Noonan
Sessions Clerk for Judge Scheier (KFS) and Judge Foster (RBF)(617) 788-7513
Emily Rosa
Sessions Clerk for Judge Speicher (HPS)(617) 788-7419   
Scott Smith
Sessions Clerk for Judge Long (KCL)(617) 788-7463
Administrative Office Personnel 
Chief JusticeJudith C. Cutler
Deputy Court AdministratorJill K. Ziter
System AdministratorVerneil Agard
Fiscal Operations SupervisorBarbara Lewiton
Account ClerkCarmelita Sanford

ADA Coordinator

Barbara Lewiton  
Phone: 1-617-788-7474 
Fax: 1-617-788-8953