How do I find/contact a Probate and Family Court location?

Go to Probate and Family Court Courthouses by County.

How do I find papers filed in my case?

All filings are in a case folder at the court where the matter has been heard. You should contact the Division which your case was heard.

How do I find Probate and Family Court forms?

Go to Probate and Family Court Forms.

How do I get a copy of a court order, judgment, or decree?

Go to How to get a Copy of Your Probate and Family Court Record

How do I find an attorney?

Go to the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries' Find a Lawyer in Massachusetts page at Find a Lawyer in Massachusetts.

How do I get an Interpreter?

Advise court personnel an interpreter will be requited, Court will contact the Office of Interpreter Services.

How do I find certified Parent Education classes?

Go to the Probate and Family Court List of Parent Education Programs .

How do I get a copy of the audio tape of a court hearing?

Request a copy at the Registry where the hearing took place, there is a form to complete.

How do I change my name?

Complete Petition for Change of Name.

Bring the completed form to the division in which you reside.

Where do I go to get a questioned answered?

You may call or visit you local Registry of Probate a full list with telephone numbers can be found at Courthouses by County or you may contact the Administrative Office of the Probate and Family CourtYou may also contact the Law Library's Self Help Center at Ask a Law Librarian and be connected to talk with the library and get a question answered in live time.