The Trial Court posts and updates the monthly judicial calendar for the Probate and Family Court judges in each county. Motions and other matters should and will be scheduled in accordance with the Probate and Family Court Scheduling Practices and Procedures pdf format of Scheduling Practices and Procedures

The judicial calendar is subject to change therefore attorneys and litigants are advised to check this website periodically.

 September Calendar pdf format of Franklin Probate and Family Court Schedule
| October Calendar pdf format of Franklin Probate and Family Court Schedule

September 1-September 4 | September 7-11 | September 14-18 | September 21-25 | September 28-October 2 | October 5-9 | October 12-16 | October 19-23 | October 26-30


September 1-September 4 

Tuesday, September 1

Judge Crawford

Wednesday, September 2

Judge Crawford

Thursday, September 3

Judge Crawford

Friday, September 4

Judge Crawford


September 7-11

Monday, September 7


Tuesday, September 8

Judge Crawford

Wednesday, September 9


Judge Crawford

Thursday, September10

Judge Crawford AM ONLY

Friday, September 11

Judge Crawford

in Hampshire


September 14-18

Monday, September 14

Judge Crawford hearing Hampshire Trials

Tuesday, September 15

Judge Crawford

Wednesday, September 16


Thursday, September 17

Judge Crawford

Friday, September 18

Judge Crawford

September 21-25

Monday, September 21

Judge Crawford

Tuesday, September 22

Judge Crawford

Wednesday, September 23

Judge Crawford

Thursday, September 24


Friday, September 25


September 28-October 2

Monday, September 28


Tuesday, September 29


Wednesday, September 30


Thursday, October 1


Friday, October 2



October 5-October 9 

Monday, October 5


Tuesday, October 6


Wednesday, October 7


Thursday, October 8


Friday, October 9



October 12-October 16 

Monday, October 12


Tuesday, October 13

Judge Crawford

Wednesday, October 14

Judge Crawford-Block Day

Thursday, October 15

Judge Crawford

Friday, October 16

Judge Crawford sitting in Hampshire


October 19-October 23 

Monday, October 19

Judge Crawford hearing Hampshire Trial

Tuesday, October 20

Judge Crawford in Berkshire

Wednesday, October 21

Judge Crawford

Orange Session

Thursday, October 22

Judge Crawford

Friday, October 23

Judicial Conference


October 26-October 30 

Monday, October 26

Judge Crawford

Tuesday, October 27

Judge Crawford

Wednesday, October 28

Judge Crawford

Thrusday, October 29

Judge Crawford

Friday, October 30

Judge Crawford sitting in Hampshire