The Superior Court has replaced existing Rule 6 (Peremptory Challenges of Jurors) with a new Rule 6 (Jury Selection). The new Rule 6 simplifies and clarifies procedures that govern jury selection, including removing some requirements and constraints on attorney voir dire. The new Rule 6 supersedes Superior Court Standing Order 1-15 (Participation in Jury Voir Dire by Attorneys and Self-Represented Parties).

The Superior Court has amended Rule 9A (Civil Motions) and Rule 9D (Motions for Reconsideration) by making the following technical changes: in Rule 9A(a)(5), the length of a reply brief was reduced from 10 pages to 5, in conformance with Rule 9A(a)(3); in Rule 9A(a)(5), the reference to Rule 30A was changed to Rule 9C(b), in conformance with a re-designation of that rule in 2016; in Rule 9D, a provision was added for the Regional Administrative Justice to assign Motions for Reconsideration when a judge has retired or is otherwise unavailable.  

The Superior Court has adopted a new Rule 18 (Impoundment and Personal Identifying Information). The new Rule 18 sets forth exceptions to the notice requirement of Uniform Rules on Impoundment Procedure Rule 13(b). New Rule 18 supersedes Superior Court Standing Order 2-15 (Exceptions to Notice Requirement of Trial Court Rule VIII).