Superior Court Cases for some counties are accessible for attorneys on "Eservices" at:

For those seeking assistance in using the system, please consult the following documentation: Eservices Instructions pdf format of Instructions for the Attorney Portal

Please take note of the new numbering scheme for the docket numbers of the Superior Court cases in the counties who have been added to the MassCourts system.

The docket number sequence consists of four numbers two capitalized letters and then five more numbers.
Example: 1572CV00012
The first two numbers in the sequence will indicate which year the case was filed.
Example - 1999 would be 99 or 2015 would be 15

The second two numbers in the sequence will indicate in which county the case was filed.
Barnstable - 72
Berkshire - 76
Bristol - 73
Dukes - 74
Essex - 77
Franklin - 78
Hampden - 79
Hampshire - 80
Middlesex - 81
Nantucket - 75
Norfolk - 82
Plymouth - 83
Suffolk - 84
Worcester - 85

The two letters will indicate what type of case you searching for.
CV – civil
CR – criminal

The following five numbers are specific to each case and would be given by the clerk’s office when assigning the case a docket number.