The following sessions have been designated to participate in Voir Dire Pilot Project in 2015. The sessions are subject to change if judicial assignments change in accord with needs of the Court.

(For this purpose 1st quarter begins with February)

County SessionParticipating Judges
Berkshire Civil/CriminalFebruary (Agostini, J.), March (Agostini, J.), June (Rup, J.), July (Agostini, J.), September (Agostini, J.), October (Agostini, J.), November (Agostini, J.)
BristolQuarter 2:  Criminal 2 (Dupuis, J.)
Quarter 4: Criminal 2 (Dupuis, J.), Taunton Civil/Crim (Kelley Brown, J.) (if jury session)
EssexQuarter 2: Criminal (Wall, J.)
Quarter 4: Lawrence Civil/Crim (Desmond, J.), Salem Criminal 2 October-November (Rup, J.)
Franklin Civil/CriminalFebruary (McDonough, J.), March (Josephson, J.), April (Rup, J.), May (Rup, J.), September (Josephson, J.), December (Agostini, J.)
HampdenCriminal 3 April (Agostini, J.), June (Agostini, J.), July-September (McDonough, J.)
Criminal 4 May-June (McDonough, J.), September (Rup, J.)
Criminal 5 March (Rup, J.), December (McDonough, J.)
Criminal 6 February (Josephson, J.), December (Josephson, J.)
Civil B May (Josephson, J.), July (Josephson, J. ), August (Josephson, J.)
Civil A March-April (McDonough, J.)
Hampshire Civil/CriminalFebruary (Rup, J.), April (Josephson, J.), May (Agostini, J.),
June (Josephson, J.), October (Josephson, J.), November (Josephson, J.),
December (Rup, J.)
MiddlesexQuarter 1: Civil L1 (Desmond, J.), Civil B (Wall, J.), Civil D (Krupp, J.)
Quarter 2: Civil B (Desmond, J.), Civil C (Fishman, J.)
Quarter 3: Civil D (Krupp, J.), Civil L2 (Wall, J.)
Quarter 4: Civil 4 (Wall, J.), Lowell Civil 1 (Fishman, J.)
NorfolkQuarter 1: Criminal 2 (Brassard, J.), Civil B (Kelley Brown, J.)
Quarter 2: Criminal 2 (Brassard, J.), Civil C (Krupp, J.)
Quarter 3: Civil A (Kelley Brown, J.), Civil C (Brassard, J.), Criminal 1 (Fishman, J.)
Quarter 4: Civil A (Wilkins, J.), Civil C (Brassard, J.)
PlymouthQuarter 2: Plymouth Criminal 4 (Kelley Brown, J.)
SuffolkQuarter 1:  Criminal 3 (Fishman, J.)
Quarter 2: Civil C (Lauriat, J.)
Quarter 3: Civil A (Wilkins, J.), Criminal 3 (Desmond, J.), Criminal 6 (Lauriat, J.)
Quarter 4: Civil C (Lauriat, J.)
WorcesterQuarter 1: Civil B (Ricciardone, J.)
Quarter 2: Civil A (Kenton-Walker, J.), Criminal 2 (Ricciardone, J.)
Quarter 3: Civil B (Ricciardone, J.)
Quarter 4: Civil A (Kenton-Walker, J.), Civil/Criminal E (Ricciardone, J.)