The MPTC’s second annual CPR/First Responder Awards event at Bentley University honored the life-saving actions of Court Officers Anthony Holmes, Chris Tufo, and Tina Soares, who received awards along with 70 police officers and other first responders for their heroism in the line of duty.

In January, Court Officers Holmes and Tufo noticed that a male inmate, who was being held for a Section 35 hearing, was unresponsive in his cell. The two Court Officers immediately began CPR and used an automated external defibrillator (AED) on the inmate. After performing CPR for about a minute, the victim began to show signs of life. Officers Holmes and Tufo continued life-saving procedures until EMTs arrived. The victim was transported to the hospital and made a full recovery.

In February, Officer Soares noticed an unresponsive female inmate in her cell. Officer Soares entered the cell and assessed the victim. Officer Soares immediately placed the woman on the floor, began CPR, and attached an AED. While assessing the victim, Officer Soares observed and removed clothing that was wound tightly around the victim’s neck. She continued life-saving procedures until the inmate regained consciousness. EMS transported the inmate to the hospital, and the woman recovered.

This is the first time Trial Court Officers have been recognized for their actions since the MPTC began presenting awards two years ago. “The exemplary acts by Officers Holmes, Tufo, and Soares clearly saved the lives of these victims, and reflect positively on themselves and the Trial Court. Congratulations to Officers Holmes, Tufo, and Soares,” said Trial Court Director of Security Jeff Morrow.

Mr. Morrow has authorized the three Court Officers to wear their award pins affixed below their badge on the pocket flap of their uniform shirts.