Court Technology: By the numbers…

Judiciary Information Services (JIS) recently provided the Chief Justices and Deputy Court Administrators with some interesting statistics on MassCourts and other initiatives:


Attorney Portal

  • 7,756 attorneys are now actively using the portal
  • 12,017 average weekly log-ins for December 2015
  • Scanned documents for selected Superior Court docket codes are now available in the portal Public Access

  • 24,000 visits a week is the new average weekly high
  • 96,837 unique visits to eAccess in December 2015; this is up 31% since August, which had 74,000 visits

System Statistics

  • 1.131 million MassCourts transactions on January 19, 2016; an 11% increase year-over -year
  • EACC (Electronic Application for Criminal Complaints) is now running in 7 courts with over 6,400 total cases; 833 in December 2015

eFiling – eFileMA

  • System is live in Worcester District Court and the Brighton Division of the Boston Municipal Court
  • 60 cases e-filed to date; 210 e-filed documents
  • Testing is underway at the Essex Probate and Family Court; go-live date set for February
  • Two of three pilots are up and running at the Appellate Courts
  • 54 people attended the Worcester Bar Association training in January

Workstation Upgrades

  • All 2000 HP ProDesk Systems are installed and configured
  • Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrades are mostly complete, with just 346 XP systems remaining on the network of 7,500 workstations and laptops

Network Upgrades - Increased Capacity

  • JIS has ordered a larger 10GB link between Worcester and Brooke data centers
  • JIS also upgraded the following locations from 3 MB to 10 MB:
    • BMC locations: Dorchester, West Roxbury, Roxbury, South Boston
    • Quincy District Court
    • Fall River Durfee Courthouse
    • Clinton Probation Academy (ELMO)