Court Network Upgrades Completed
The Judicial Information Services Department (JISD) recently completed the upgrade for all Trial Court locations from T1 lines to 10 Mbps lines for faster intranet speeds. JISD is also completing major upgrades of the core hardware in the court system's data centers in Boston and Worcester. These upgrades will allow JISD to prioritize competing demands for bandwidth on the network. For example, the hardware upgrades will allow for important court business such as MassCourts to have priority on the network over less time-sensitive tasks such as Connected PC backups. This combination of upgrades will enable improved access to resources like the recently completed court-wide Domestic Violence training videos on the Learning Management System.

Protecting Sensitive Information via Email
Standard email is “plain text,” which means that if you send an email to the wrong person, or if it is intercepted by hackers during the process of delivery, it is readable by anybody. The Trial Court’s email system offers a quick way for you to encrypt your emails, making them more secure and impossible to read if they are intercepted on the internet.

How it works. You can send encrypted emails by typing [sss] in the subject line of any email before you send it. This will activate the Barracuda Spam Filter encryption process. The recipient of your encrypted email is notified that you are sending them a secure email. Once the recipient clicks on a link in the email to prove their identity, they can download and read your email. The first time a user receives an encrypted message, they will need to configure an account on the cloud-based Barracuda Encryption Service. This is a quick and simple process. 

Zimbra Email Upgrade
Earlier this month, JISD upgraded the Zimbra email system to include new features such as support for Outlook 2016 and active sync support for Windows 10. Other fixes and enhancements include: web client ability to preview .ODT files, which are files generated by the Open Office suite, and the ability to customize automatically generated out-of-office replies to internal and external non-Zimbra email accounts. The upgrade also improves Outlook connector functionality. 

In case you missed it: Solutions for Managing Email Storage (Court Policy & Procedure, January 2017 - accessible from Trial Court computers only).