In May, Governor Baker issued a new five-year capital investment plan that provides a blueprint for capital spending through 2021 and increases borrowing for the upcoming year by 3 percent to "maintain existing assets and make targeted investments." The plan provides $250 million for Trial Court capital projects over the next five years, including construction of a new courthouse in Lowell.

Excerpt from the plan:
In keeping with the Administration's priority of maintaining and modernizing existing assets, and in lieu of expanding the facility portfolio, DCAMM is working with the Trial Court to develop a steady future investment program focused on life safety, security, accessibility and critical repairs that will directly support the Judiciary's mission of improving access to justice and enhancing efficiency of court operations.

Several projects and reserves will focus on addressing deferred maintenance and life safety issues throughout the Trial Court system, based on a comprehensive study of all facilities carried out in 2015. These projects will address urgent needs in strategic facilities like water infiltration, improving HVAC systems, fire alarm systems and/or egress from the building, making repairs to prevent water infiltration and improving access to all court services within the courthouse for persons with disabilities. In addition to these targeted smaller repairs, construction will start in FY17 on the $10 million renovation of the Haverhill District Court and the $12 million renovation of the Brighton Court.

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