The Dorchester Division of the Boston Municipal Court honored Black History Month on February 27 with musical performances by court personnel, and a keynote address by retired Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Roderick Ireland, who mentioned the importance of each person who works at the courthouse, saying: “Each of you plays a role in seeing that people who come to court get justice…whatever your role in the courthouse might be. You can make a difference every day with the people who have business in the Dorchester District Court: whether you are a court officer, a probation officer, facilities, judges, clerks…I want each of you in your own way to speak on behalf of those who come to use the court system: to show that you care, and that you have pride in your work.”

BHM Dot Judges ALL 2
Trial Court and SJC leaders attending the event in Dorchester were (L to R): Judge Jonathan Tynes and Judge Serge Georges, Jr. from the Dorchester BMC; BMC Chief Justice Roberto Ronquillo Jr., retired SJC Chief Justice Roderick Ireland, SJC Clerk for the Commonwealth Frances Kenneally, South Boston BMC Judge Michael Bolden, Juvenile Court Judge Peter Coyne, SJC Associate Justice Geraldine Hines, and SJC Associate Justice Margot Botsford, Dorchester BMC Judge Lisa Ann Grant and Roxbury BMC Judge Lisa Grant.
BHM event organizers 3
Dorchester BMC colleagues helping organize the festivities were (L to R) Court Officer Walter Reed, Facilities Manager Tyrone Whittey, Court Officer Charlean Muff-Ellis, and Session Clerk Robert Miller.
BHM band with CJR 4
Trial Court's Got Talent: from left, musicians Samuel Jones, Daryl Brown, Associate Court Officer Issa Bibbens, Leonard Sanders, BMC Chief Justice Ronquillo, and Sr. Maintenance Technician Verden Matthias.