New, Online: Translated Forms 

This newest round of nearly two dozen translated forms includes high-priority multi-departmental and Department-level forms, focusing primarily on forms that affect litigants' liberty interests.

Each form is available in seven languages: Spanish, Arabic, simplified Chinese, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Most of the forms are monolingual, which means that litigants must use the English form for filing with the Court, but can refer to the form in their native language as a reference tool.

For more information, including links to all translated forms, please visit 

- Affidavit Disclosing Care or Custody Proceeding - monolingual
- 258E complaint form – monolingual 
- Petition to Seal Record under 100C - monolingual
- Petition to Seal Record under 100A/B - monolingual
- Findings and Order of Court on Petition to Seal Record(s) - monolingual

Juvenile Court:
- Tender of Plea-Admission (JV-5)- monolingual 
- JV-16 – monolingual 
- JV-17 – monolingual 
- Probation Violation Finding & Disposition (JV-18)- monolingual 
- JV-30 – monolingual 
- Waiver of Counsel (JV-122) – BILINGUAL 
- Pretrial probation conditions (JV-031) – BILINGUAL 
- Consent to filing criminal charges (JV-034)- monolingual 

Superior Court:
- Waiver of Defendant's Rights – BILINGUAL 

District Court:
- Application for 12e mental health commitment – monolingual 
- Petition for section 35 substance abuse commitment – monolingual 
- Waiver of Counsel - BILINGUAL 
- Disposition of criminal offense as civil infraction – monolingual 
- Summons for witness – monolingual 
- General purpose motion – monolingual 
- Tender of Plea - monolingual

Boston Municipal Court:
- Waiver of Jury Trial – monolingual 

Want to request a form translation? You can submit translation requests via the online translation request form: