The FTR system will record to a central server, alleviating the need for CD back-ups, but CDs can still be created locally. The system will eventually be integrated with MassCourts to help track and locate recordings for individual cases.   

FTR has partnered with AVI-SPL, an audio-visual integration firm with a large presence in Massachusetts, to assist with implementation. Over 27,000 facilities in 62 countries use FTR’s digital content systems for justice, government and law enforcement. AVI-SPL integrates and supports organizations around the world to enable communication and collaboration.

Implementation process. Site assessments began in late April in Plymouth and have moved on to Salem, Lawrence Superior Court, Newburyport, Worcester, and Springfield. These reviews will continue over the next several months. Superior Court courtrooms will convert first, along with any courtrooms in a courthouse that has a Superior Court. The goal is to assess 90 courtrooms and convert one courthouse to the new system by late June. 

The multi-year installation ultimately will replace the current system in more than 400 courtrooms across 100 courthouses. Typically, a single courtroom in each location will be converted and used for training; remaining courtrooms will be converted over a weekend.

The Trial Court Procurement Department will maintain the master schedules for site evaluations and for installations. Coordination will occur among local court leaders, the Departmental Administrative Offices, Facilities Management, Judiciary Information Services and Security.

Interim support of JAVS systems. As of May 1st, FTR assumed maintenance responsibility for existing JAVS, and older version FTR Gold recording systems. Issues can be referred to FTR at 844-331-1776 or FTR recommends a short verification each morning to ensure that the recording system is activated to record for the day.