2016 LED Conversion projected to save over $60,000 a year

In October, Green Team members Anthony Duros and Paul Antoniewicz, both of OCM Facilities Management, reached out to gather information from field staff across the state in order to take advantage of this year’s free light bulb initiative through the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER). This year, DOER offered free replacements for a type of lamp not available in prior year programs, specifically the G23 and G24-type lamps known for their characteristic pinned plug-in bases:  

The energy efficient opportunity involves a change-out from traditional compact florescent to LED (light-emitting diode) technology. For every replacement, the general reduction in wattage (a measure of energy use) is an impressive 50 percent. The new bulbs either maintain or deliver more lumens (a measure of illumination), than before. 

In total, more than two dozen of our eligible state owned and operated courts participated in the DOER program to replace these specialty bulbs, with the impacts and projected savings shown in the table below. Projected savings are based on the actual wattage reduction for each lamp replacement, also factoring in the number of hours the lights are on, and the cost of power at each site.

CourthouseQuantity of Lamps ReplacedExpected Annual Savings
East Cambridge210$1,062
East Brookfield269$4,537
Fall River Justice Center36$528
Fall River Trial Court (Durfee)204$926
Framingham District Court62$290
Lawrence Superior382$2,479
New Bedford District Court60$225
Newburyport District352$1,594
Palmer District Court300$1,498
Plymouth Trial Court925$16,316
Salem Ruane1,090$6,315
Worcester Trial Court1,375$7,619
Grand Total6,959$62,467