Your Zimbra email account can fill up quickly, putting you in the "red" memory zone and at risk of a complete shut-down of your account until you clear out space for new email. Here are some solutions that can help you work more efficiently...

Delete and empty your trash. As part of your ongoing file storage maintenance, take a few minutes at the end of each work day to delete the emails you no longer need. To delete those emails from storage, you must also empty your “trash” folder.

Some additional quick tips...

Sort by size and delete. Emails with attachments are notorious memory hogs; a fast fix is to sort emails you receive and send by size so you can delete the largest emails with attachments first. Right click on the "sorted by" button and select "sorted by size." Another click organizes the list in descending or ascending order. 

Save to share drive. You can also free up space on your Zimbra account by downloading important email attachments from your browser and saving them on your local computer or network share drive. The Trial Court Help Desk can show you how to do this.

Find up to two years of deleted emails with Zimbra's email archive. Quickly find and re-send emails that you have sent and received within the past two years by using the Trial Court's email archive:

1) Bookmark the archive in your web browser:

2) Go to and enter your email sign-on credentials - typically your name (jane.doe) and regular email log-in password.

3) Enter your search criteria in the search box, and hit the search button. You can re-send or download the email(s) you want.

Email Archive User´s Guide pdf format of Email Archive Users Guide
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