See G.L. c. 208

The following must be filed with this complaint:

Filing Fees

See Uniform Schedule of Fees for applicable filing fees.

Service of Complaint

Service of complaint on defendant is to be made in accordance with Massachusetts Rules of Domestic Relations Procedure Rule 4 .

Financial Statements

See Uniform Probate Court Practice XXX pdf format of Rules About Filing Financial Statements
and Supplemental Probate Court Rule 401 pdf format of Supplement Probate Court Rule 401 Financial Statement

Short Form pdf format of Financial Statement- Short Form (CJD 301s)
file size 1MB | Instructions


Long Form pdf format of Financial Statement- Long Form (CJD 301)
file size 1MB | Instructions

Child Support Guidelines Worksheet if support for child(ren) is requested.

Form pdf format of Child Support Guidelines Worksheet (CJD 304)
| Instructions pdf format of Completing the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

All requests for temporary relief must be made by motion, although several requests may be combined. For temporary restraining orders, see Massachusetts Rules of Domestic Relations Procedure Rule 65 , affidavit requirement.

If attachment or trustee process is desired, a motion with affidavit must be filed. A certificate of insurance is normally not required in domestic relations cases. See Massachusetts Rules of Domestic Relations Procedure Rules 4.1 and 4.2 .

All parties to a divorce action in which there is/are minor child(ren) are required to attend and participate in an approved Parent Education Program unless requirement waived by the court. See Probate and Family Court Standing Order 2-16

Each party to a divorce action shall deliver to the other within 45 days from date of service of summons, specific financial documents. See Supplemental Probate Rule 410 .

An automatic restraining order applies to both parties in a complaint for divorce. It prohibits either party from engaging in any action which changes the present financial status of the parties.

Uniform Counsel Certification

Attorneys are required to file Uniform Counsel Certification
Form pdf format of Uniform Counsel Certification
| Instructions

Click here to print in PDF format pdf format of Instructions Complaint for Divorce Form