See G.L. c.209C

Use this form only if child who is the subject of this complaint was born out of wedlock.

If either party signed a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, attach a copy to this complaint.

Financial Statements

If seeking child support, see Supplemental Probate Court Rule 401

Short form pdf format of Financial Statement- Short Form (CJD 301s)
file size 1MB | Instructions


Long form pdf format of Financial Statement- Long Form (CJD 301)
file size 1MB | Instructions

Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

Form pdf format of Child Support Guidelines Worksheet (CJD 304)
| Instructions pdf format of Completing the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

Filing Fees

See Uniform Schedule of Fees for applicable filing fees.

Service of Complaint

Service of complaint on defendant is to be made in accordance with Massachusetts Rules of Domestic Relations Procedure Rule 4 .

Uniform Counsel Certification

Attorneys are required to file Uniform Counsel Certification.

Form pdf format of Uniform Counsel Certification
| Instructions

Click here to print in PDF format pdf format of Ins Complaint Support Custody Visitation