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If you have received a notice from the Office of Jury Commissioner (OJC) that you have missed your jury service, you should immediately contact the OJC Legal Department at 1-877-9NO-SHOW (1-877-966-7469) to resolve your delinquency.

The Delinquent Juror Prosecution Program

  • The Delinquent Juror Prosecution Program (DJPP) was created pursuant to  the direction of the Supreme Judicial Court in Commonwealth v. Tolentino, 422 Mass. 515 (1996) . In addition to ensuring compliance with the obligation of jury service, the DJPP serves two important purposes:
    • Enhancing the Diversity of the Jury Pool. The DJPP helps ensure that the jury pool is as diverse and representative of the community from which it is drawn as possible.
    • Increasing Juror Yield. By pursuing every person who fails to perform jury service, the OJC is able to increase the number of people who appear for jury duty.
  • The OJC pursues and, if necessary, prosecutes every person who wrongfully fails to complete perform their jury service, either by failing to respond to a summons, responding but failing to appear for service, or by appearing at the courthouse but failing to complete their service and be dismissed by the court.
  • Massachusetts has the most complete and comprehensive program for pursuing delinquent jurors of any jurisdiction in the country.  As a result, Massachusetts juries are considered to be among the most diverse and representative in the nation.

Office of Jury Commissioner for the Commonwealth
560 Harrison Avenue - Suite 600, Boston, Massachusetts 02118-2447
1-800-THE-JURY (1-800-843-5879)