If you have received a letter entitled “Notice Of Application For Criminal Complaint,” you must contact our Legal Department immediately.

  • Legal Department: 1-877-9NO-SHOW (1-877-966-7469), Monday-Friday, 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Who receives an Application for Criminal Complaint?

  • The Application for Criminal Complaint is only sent to those who have failed to respond to the “Notice of Delinquency.”
  • All summoned jurors who do not appear at the courthouse on their scheduled date of service are sent a Failure to Appear Notice about a week after their service date has passed. Those who do not respond to the Failure to Appear Notice will receive a Notice of Delinquency.
  • If the juror does not respond to the Notice of Delinquency within thirty days, the OJC Legal Department will prepare an Application for Criminal Complaint and notify the juror.

How can you resolve your delinquency at this point?

  • The Notice of Application for Criminal Complaint instructs the delinquent juror to appear for a show cause hearing before the clerk magistrate of the appropriate court.
  • Delinquent jurors who appear at the Show Cause Hearing may be given the opportunity to fulfill their juror service obligation.
  • Failure to appear at the Show Cause Hearing or to satisfy the jury service obligation will result in the clerk magistrate issuing a criminal complaint against the delinquent juror for violation of M.G.L. c.234A, §42 , “Non-performance of Jury Service.”
  • The court will then summon the delinquent juror for arraignment.
  • Responsibility for prosecuting these matters rests with the District Attorney’s Office.
  • The Notice of Application for Criminal Complaint and Show Cause Hearing are the last opportunities that delinquent jurors have to resolve their delinquencies with the Office of Jury Commissioner.
  • Once a complaint issues, the matter must be resolved with the court.
  • We have instructions available that show you how to resolve your Application for Criminal Complaint in two formats:

Office of Jury Commissioner for the Commonwealth
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1-800-THE-JURY (1-800-843-5879)