My employer needs proof of my jury service. How do I get it?
You will receive a Juror Service Certificate in the mail about 10 days after you finish serving. (If you serve for more than one week, you will receive a separate certificate for each week you serve.) The Certificate will show the dates you served and any compensation you received from the Commonwealth. There is a section for the juror to keep and a section for the juror to give to his or her employer. You should file your copy in a safe place for three years, to prove you are disqualified if you receive another summons during that time.

If you have an immediate need for a temporary Certificate of Attendance sooner than 10 days after you complete your service, see the jury pool officer and ask the officer to print a temporary certificate for you. You should only request a temporary certificate if you cannot wait for the permanent certificate to arrive in the mail.

Why do I have to keep my Juror Service Certificate?
This is your proof of service. Should you receive another summons within the next three years, this is the documentation you must provide to be disqualified.