What should I do before I go to court?
You should make arrangements to be available for up to three days of service, if necessary – schedule childcare, notify your employer, and the like. Familiarize yourself with your employer’s policy on compensation for jury service before you report – some employers will pay you for the duration of your service, not just the first three days. You must be sure to confirm your juror status on the afternoon before you are scheduled to serve, to learn if you are still required to report for service. You can confirm your juror status at the Massachusetts Juror Service Website (using your Badge No. and PIN) after 4 p.m. on the day before your service, or by calling the Juror Line (listed on your Reminder Notice) after 3 p.m. If you confirm online and provide an e-mail address, you will receive a status update by e-mail on the day before your service.

Why do I have to confirm my juror status on the day before my service?
Sometimes the needs of the court may change. Cases scheduled to go forward on the day of your service may have been resolved without the need of jurors, or all of the available judges may be busy with other trials. In this event, jurors will be cancelled. The Juror Line may also have information about the particular court to which you have been summoned, such as whether cell phones are allowed in the building or details about parking in the neighborhood of the courthouse.

Where can I get information about the courthouse to which I am reporting?
Some information, such as directions and Juror Line information, is printed on your Reminder Notice, which will come in the mail about 10 days before your service date. Additional information, including a picture of the courthouse, is available on the Massachusetts Juror Service Website . Select “Find Courthouse” on the left side of the screen, select the courthouse and click on “View.”

What do I do in the event of an emergency or severe weather?
In the event of severe weather, you should call the Juror Line, which appears on your Reminder Notice. Any cancellations or postponements will be recorded by 7 a.m. If you have a personal emergency and you cannot appear, contact the Office of Jury Commissioner at 1-800-THE-JURY (1-800-843-5879) or by e-mail at jurorhelp@jud.state.ma.us.

I have lost my Reminder Notice. How can I find the number of the Juror Line at my court?
The Juror Line number is available on the Juror Service Website . Select “Find Courthouse” on the left side of the screen, select the courthouse and click on “View.” The Juror Line is listed at the bottom of the page, along with parking, accessibility, reporting time, and other information.

My service was cancelled by the court. Do I have to reschedule?
You do not have to reschedule, unless you are a delinquent juror and were attempting to resolve your delinquency. If you are not a delinquent juror and your service is cancelled, your obligation is fulfilled but you are eligible to be summoned again the following year. A cancellation is not considered “service” and does not disqualify you from service for three years, since you did not have to report to the courthouse.

If you are a delinquent juror who has been instructed to report for service to fulfill your obligation, and your service is cancelled, you must call the OJC Legal Department at 1-877-966-7469 and reschedule your service. You can only resolve your delinquency by reporting for service to the courthouse.

Is there a dress code for jury duty?
Performing jury duty is a serious obligation, and people reporting for jury duty should dress in a manner that indicates respect for the court and the people who are relying on the jury to resolve their disputes. While there is no specific dress code, in general you should avoid clothing that is excessively casual, revealing, or in bad condition when you report for jury service. If you are impaneled on a case, the judge may give you additional guidance on appropriate dress for a sitting juror.