Can I request to be reimbursed for my expenses in coming to jury duty?
Only unemployed and retired persons are entitled to reimbursement from the Commonwealth, and only for reasonable travel and childcare expenses of up to $50 per day for the first three days of service. All others must bear their own expenses. After the third day of service, jurors who are not employed are paid $50 per day by the state, just like all other jurors. If you are unemployed or retired and want to request reimbursement, you must submit a written request using the form that is available at the courthouse. Ask the jury pool officer for assistance on your first day of jury service.

I served for more than three days, and/or I requested to be reimbursed for expenses while performing my jury service. When will I get my check from the Commonwealth?
You will receive your check within 14 days of completing your service. If you serve for more than one week, you will receive a check within 10 days after the end of each week.