I can’t serve on the date I’ve been assigned. What do I do?
Everyone is entitled to postpone their date of service to any available business day within twelve months of their original service date, for any reason. You can pick your own date and get instant confirmation online at http://juryduty.MAjury.gov , the Massachusetts Juror Service website. The OJC Call Center can also assist you at 1-800-THE-JURY (1-800-843-5879). Or, you can request a date and await a response by mail by completing Section E of the Juror Confirmation Form, attached to your summons.

Why am I summoned to a courthouse so far away? Can’t I serve closer to home or work?
The law requires that people within each judicial district (generally the county) be randomly assigned to all of the courthouses within that district, so as to guarantee a diverse “jury of one’s peers” (those who live in that district). For example, in Middlesex County, this ensures that city dwellers will not make up the entire jury pool in Somerville, suburbanites in Newton, and rural residents in Ayer. It also reduces the likelihood that jurors will be personally familiar with the parties or incidents involved in a case, as they might be if they served close to home.

If you have a valid hardship that makes it impossible or very difficult to serve at your assigned courthouse, you can request to be transferred to another courthouse in the county by submitting the request in writing online at http://juryduty.MAjury.gov or by completing Section D of your Juror Confirmation Form. The OJC will let you know if your request was approved within a few days. Please note that mere inconvenience and distance to the courthouse are not hardships.

I received a summons for someone who no longer lives at my address. What do I do?
Return the summons to the United States Post Office and notify them that the person has relocated. The postal service will note that the addressee no longer receives mail at that address and inform the OJC of that fact by returning the summons as undeliverable.

I’ve also been summonsed for Federal jury duty. What do I do?
If you have been summonsed for both state and Federal jury duty, you should report for Federal jury service. You should send a copy of your Federal jury duty summons to the Office of Jury Commissioner prior to your scheduled date to be disqualified from your state jury duty obligation.