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As a juror, you play a critical role in ensuring that all parties receive a fair trial. It is essential that your decisions be based solely on the information you receive in the courtroom


- Do not talk to anyone, or let anyone talk to you about a case -

This includes your family and friends. You must not discuss any aspect of the case with anyone until the trial is concluded. Also, do not discuss the case with other jurors until your deliberations begin.

- Do not receive or send electronic communications about the case -

This includes texting, emailing, blogging, posting information on social network websites, or using any other electronic communications to discuss, or even mention, this case.

- Avoid outside information from the Internet or other sources -

Do not seek information about any aspect of the case or people involved in the trial, including going to the scene of searching in the Internet. Avoid news reports - broadcast, print, or Internet - on this case or issues in this case.

Please also review the Juror Use of Personal Communication Devices policy.