All Grand Jury summonses include a Confidential Financial Questionnaire pdf format of Grand Juror Confidential Financial Questionnaire
(CFQ) in the "Grand Juror Instructions and Information" brochure that is mailed with each summons.  

  • The CFQ is a form that you must complete and bring with you when you appear for grand jury service.  The information you supply on this form will be used by the court to determine the financial impact of grand jury service on the potential grand juror.  
  • The CFQ requires information on:
    • Your employment status
    • If unemployed, expenses you would incur while serving on a grand jury
    • Name and address of your employer
    • Your daily wages
    • Your employer’s policy regarding payment of wages during grand jury service
    • The difference in your travel costs to travel to court rather than to your place of employment
  • It is important that you know the amount of your daily wages and your employer’s policy for paying the salary of grand jurors before you appear for service. The court may require you to contact your employer for this information during the impanelment if you do not have it, so be sure to obtain this information before coming to court.
  • The CFQ is treated as confidential by the courts.
  • If you misplace your CFQ, you can complete and print a copy of the  Confidential Financial Questionnaire pdf format of Grand Juror Confidential Financial Questionnaire
on this website.  
  • You must bring the CFQ with you to court.  
  • The CFQ cannot be e-mailed or submitted electronically, in order to protect your personal information. Also, the CFQ is not collected at the Office of Jury Commissioner, but at the individual courthouse at which each juror appears.

Office of Jury Commissioner for the Commonwealth
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