About ten days before you are scheduled to appear for jury service, you will receive a Reminder Notice and Confidential Juror Questionnaire pdf format of Confidential Juror Questionnaire

  • The CJQ is a form that you must complete and bring with you when you appear for jury service. 
  • The information you supply on this form will be used to assist in the impanelment of a jury by providing some general information about the potential jurors. 
  • Examples of information included on the CJQ include:
    • City or town of residence (but not address)
    • Educational level achieved
    • Employer and spouse’s employer
    • Number and age of children (but not names)
    • Experience with the justice system
  • The CJQ is treated as confidential by the courts, and all copies and originals are collected and destroyed once the impanelment is complete with one exception: CJQs of impaneled jurors are kept in a separate and secure location by the court until the final disposition of the case (trial jurors) or until the jury is dismissed from service (grand jurors).
  • You can also complete and print a copy of the Confidential Juror Questionnaire pdf format of Confidential Juror Questionnaire
on this website.
  • You must print the CJQ and bring it with you to court.
  • The CJQ cannot be e-mailed or submitted electronically in order to protect your personal information. 
  • Also, the CJQ is not collected at the Office of Jury Commissioner, but at the individual courthouses at which each juror appears.

The Reminder Notice also contains directions, a map to the courthouse, and a Juror Line phone number to call the night before your service to learn whether you are still expected to appear. If you misplace your Reminder Notice, you can get the same information from the Courthouse Information page on this website.