For Immediate Release - March 04, 2015

A New Statewide Training Supervisor Is Named

(Boston, MA) – Patricia W. Gavin has been named the new Statewide Training Supervisor for the Massachusetts Probation Service by Commissioner Edward J. Dolan.

The Massachusetts Probation Service Training Academy—located in Clinton, Massachusetts—was the site of 269 training workshops attended by approximately 8,000 participants in the past year.

As the Statewide Training Supervisor, Gavin will develop, manage, and implement a comprehensive program of training and professional development for Probation staff. She will also be responsible for creating training policies and protocols.

“We are pleased to have Ms. Gavin join the Massachusetts Probation Service as the new Statewide Training Supervisor. She brings to the service a solid background in academia and criminal justice,” said Commissioner Edward J. Dolan.

Prior to her appointment as Training Supervisor, Gavin worked as an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Director of the Criminal Justice Department at Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts. She served as co-director of the Molly Bish Center for the Protection of Children and the Elderly and as Program Supervisor for the RFK Action Corps for Children in Lancaster. Gavin is also a former adjunct professor at Fitchburg State University.

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law & Society and Sociology from the University of California-Santa Barbara. She graduated from Northeastern University with a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and earned a Ph.D in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University in Newark, NJ.