For Immediate Release - April 04, 2016

New Alcohol Testing Device Has Facial Recognition Technology

(Boston, MA)- The Massachusetts Probation Service is now using new remote alcohol equipment to monitor alcohol use among probationers called SCRAM Remote Breath, a product of SCRAM Systems, which identifies probationers using facial recognition software.

The device is a handheld, wireless, portable breath alcohol device and can be operated remotely by having an offender breathe into a tube to test their breath alcohol content. This device is similar in appearance to the breathalyzer used by law enforcement to test drivers for drunk driving.

The results of the test are then communicated remotely to SCRAM Systems through a cellular network. As the test is administered, the device also takes a photo of the probationer to confirm their identity. The test results, photo, and GPS location of the offender are all sent to Electronic Monitoring Center via SCRAM Systems. There are approximately 430 SCRAM devices in use across the state. Since Probation began using the device in November, the number increased from 300 active devices.

SCRAM Remote Breath replaces the Sobrietor which came equipped with voice recognition software and operated on a telephone landline.

“The new technology offers a cellular solution as well as a more secure and efficient identity management system,” said Daniel Pires, Statewide Manager of Electronic Monitoring.