For Immediate Release - November 18, 2016

Community Service Receives Community Partner of the Year

The Massachusetts Trial Court Community Service Program was presented with the “Community Partner of the Year” Award by the Norfolk Juvenile Court on Monday, November 14th,at Norfolk Juvenile’s Dedham site.

Community Service is a program of the Massachusetts Probation Service (MPS).

“We are absolutely honored to be named “Community Partner of the Year.” The Norfolk County Juvenile community service program wouldn’t have been possible or successful without the insight and dedication from the justices, probation and community service staff,” said Community Service Statewide Supervisor David Skocik. “Community service is most commonly thought of as punitive or a means to comply with court fees; however, the reward are much more important. It is our goal, through social modeling and education to provide our participants with the skills needed to be successful. Our participants often gain a sense of pride and accomplishment while contributing or completing meaningful community projects.”

Skocik acknowledged Community Service Assistant Court Services Coordinator John Glennon who he said has been instrumental in Community Service’s work with Norfolk County juveniles particularly his efforts in expanding an existing partnership with Elm Bank, the host of the Annual Flower Show in Boston. The Elm Bank project includes an educational component with master gardeners.

“Our juvenile participants are taught everything from planting, growing and picking vegetables as well as flowers and shrubs. The vegetables grown at Elm Bank help to provide fresh produce for food pantries. An estimated 2.5 tons of vegetables have been grown and distributed,” Skocik said.

The Massachusetts Probation Service’s mission is to increase community safety, reduce recidivism, contribute to the fair and equitable administration of justice, support victims and survivors, and assist individuals and families in achieving long term positive change.