For Immediate Release - June 12, 2017

Greenfield District Court employees and Drug Court participants team up in Race Against Addiction

Greenfield District Court employees and Drug Court participants laced up their running shoes to participate in the fourth annual Firebird 5K: Race Against Addiction, a five-mile run and walk to help raise awareness about addiction issues and money for sober housing in the town of Greenfield.

The race took place on Saturday, June 3, at North Highland Pond in Greenfield. The Greenfield Court running team called themselves “The Greenfield District Court Drug Free and Strong Team.” Proceeds from the race go directly to the development of sober housing options through the SAGE Housing Project, according to Greenfield District Chief Probation Officer Antoinetta “Tonie” DeAngelis.

DeAngelis described the excitement of the day and the collaboration of Greenfield Court employees from Probation, Clerk’s Office, and the Judge’s Lobby as well as Drug Court participants.

“It was a wonderful event and a real privilege to run with the Greenfield Drug Court team as some members of our group have had to overcome great obstacles to make it to the starting line today,” DeAngelis said.

Drug Court participant Taryn Valdez, led the Greenfield Court team by completing the race in 27 minutes, 24 seconds.

“I feel that by running I am showing our community that it is possible to overcome addiction. By working and facing my challenges, I am changing people’s perception about addiction. As a person in recovery, I am grateful to have the support of the Greenfield Drug Court and the entire recovery community,” Valdez said.

In addition to Valdez, other team members included Drug Court participant Chris Ely, Probation Case Specialist Liz Johnson, DeAngelis, Judicial Assistant Sheila Schick, Head Administrative Assistant Brenda Dedinas, Probation Officer Maggie Ross, Probation Officer Marny West, and Regional Administrative Judge Maureen Walsh.