For Immediate Release - August 28, 2012

Superior Court Business Litigation Session Issues New Procedural Orders

The Business Litigation Session of the Superior Court has issued two new procedural orders.

The first pdf format of Business Litigation Regard Partial Dispositive Motions
relates to partial dispositive motions. The objective of the order is to ensure that each motion and its disposition will substantially advance the litigation. The order requires the moving party to confer with all other parties prior to serving the motion and to request a status conference with the court which will then decide whether to permit the motion to be filed. The second pdf format of Business Litigation Session Regard Appearance by Phone
provides for telephone participation by attorneys in certain hearings and conferences upon request.

The Business Litigation Session accepts cases upon initiation of any party. Administrative Directive 09-1 describes the procedure and selection criteria for admission. Both orders become effective September 4, 2012.