For Immediate Release - October 02, 2012

Trial Court Designates Judges to Manage Drug Lab Cases

The Trial Court underscores its commitment to cooperating with the prosecutors and defense counsel to ensure timely processing of cases involving the breach at the Hinton State Lab.  We have established designated sessions for the purpose of assigning counsel and addressing the immediate liberty interests of the incarcerated defendants serving time in connection with a drug conviction stemming from a questionable drug analysis.

In each county the departmental Chief Justices have designated the following judges to oversee that department’s cases and ensure expeditious processing.  Approximately three-quarters of these initial cases are in the Superior Court and the remaining cases are split between the Boston Municipal Court and the District Court.  The information available indicates that there are no juveniles presently committed to DYS on a drug offense.

Meetings continue with the District Attorneys and defense bar in each county to establish court dates for these cases in the next several weeks.  The dates will vary county to county.  The Trial Court is ready and available to handle cases immediately.  Suffolk Superior Court has scheduled cases for the weeks of October 15th and 22nd.  Court locations have been determined based on proximity to their county House of Correction to facilitate processing.  Videoconferencing will be used wherever possible.

Drug Lab Courts by County

CountySuperior CourtDistrict CourtBoston Municipal Court
Eastern Mass.
SuffolkJ. Christine McEvoy J. Mary Ann Driscoll
J. Mark Summerville
(Boston Central)
BristolJ. Robert Kane (Fall River)Fall River District Court:
J. Gilbert Nadeau & J. Kevan Cunningham
EssexJ. David Lowy (Salem)Salem District Court:
J. Robert Brennan & J. Matthew Nestor
MiddlesexJ. Maureen Hogan (Woburn)Cambridge Dist Ct (Medford):
J. Roanne Sragow & J. Lynn Rooney
NorfolkJ. Kenneth FishmanDedham District Court:
J. Mary Hogan Sullivan & J. Mark Coven
PlymouthJ. Frank Gaziano (Brockton)Brockton District Court:
J. Paul Dawley & J. Theresa Wright
Western Mass.
BerkshireJ. Jeffrey Kinder*
*four western countries
Pittsfield District Court:
J. Paul Vrabel
Franklin Greenfield District Court:
J. Maureen Walsh
Hampden Springfield District Court: J. Maureen Walsh & J.W. Michael Gogginss 
Hampshire Northampton District Court: J. Maureen Walsh & J.W. Michael Goggins 
WorcesterJ. James LemireWorcester District Court: J. Paul LoConto & J. David Despotopulos 
Cape Cod & Islands
J. Robert RufoBarnstable District Court:
J. James O'Neill
J. Don Carpenter