For Immediate Release - June 27, 2013

New Leadership in Superior Court's Business Litigation Session to Begin July 1, 2013

Leadership of the Superior Court's successful Business Litigation Session (BLS) will change on July 1, 2013, Chief Justice Barbara J. Rouse announced today. The Business Litigation Session provides a statewide forum for resolution of commercial disputes.

Judge Janet Sanders will be the new Administrative Justice of the BLS. She will replace Judge Judith Fabricant, who has served in the BLS for six years and has been its administrative head for the last two years. Judge Sanders has served in BLS2, the second session, for six months each year since 2011, teaming with Judge Christine Roach. Judge Thomas Billings and Judge Mitchell Kaplan will continue to alternate six months each in the BLS1 session.

"Although we will miss the administrative direction and case management skills of Judge Fabricant, we look forward to the leadership of Judge Sanders and the current judicial teams continuing the quality of excellence that has been a hallmark of the BLS since its establishment 13 years ago," said Chief Justice Rouse.

Following her graduation from Harvard Law School, Judge Sanders served as law clerk to United States District Court Judges Rya W. Zobel and Robert Keeton. Judge Sanders then practiced law at the Boston firm of Hill & Barlow. She was appointed to the District Court in 1995, where she served until she became a member of the Superior Court in 2001. She has served on numerous Supreme Judicial Court Committees and has served as the Regional Administrative Justice for Norfolk County.