For Immediate Release - April 12, 2013

High School Student "Justices" Participate in Mock Oral Argument in Student Government Day Activities at Supreme Judicial Court

Student Government 2013 Student Day 1

Eighteen high school students from nine schools across the Commonwealth learned about the appellate process during Student Government Day at the Supreme Judicial Court on April 5.   Led by SJC Justice Ralph D. Gants, the students participated in a mock oral argument of Goodridge v. Dept. of Public Health. Justice Gants discussed the role of the appellate courts and answered questions from the students and teachers.  SJC law clerks also engaged the students in a discussion of their roles.

Student Government 2013 Picture 2

The students began their day at the State House with a host of activities introducing them to the state's Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor and legislative representatives spoke about their roles in government. Appeals Court Justice Andrew Grainger addressed the students on behalf of the Judiciary.

Student Government 2013 Picture 3

Established in 1947, Student Government Day is sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Education to encourage students to learn about the role and function of the three branches of government through observation and active participation. The Public Information Office of the Supreme Judicial Court coordinates Student Government Day activities at the Court as part of a continuing effort to educate young people about the role of the Judiciary.