For Immediate Release - January 31, 2013

Supreme Judicial Court Seeks Nominations of Trial Court Judges for New Chief Justice of the Trial Court

The Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court today announced that they are soliciting nominations of Trial Court judges for the position of Chief Justice of the Trial Court. Chief Justice Robert A. Mulligan currently holds the position. He was appointed Chief Justice of the Trial Court in 2012 pursuant to Court Management legislation that replaced his former position of Chief Justice for Administration and Management with the two new positions of Chief Justice of the Trial Court and Court Administrator. Chief Justice Mulligan reaches mandatory retirement in July 2013, creating a vacancy.

As the Trial Court's judicial leader, the Chief Justice has a critical role in the oversight of the delivery of justice in a 21st Century environment of information technology advancements, evolving case law, demographic changes and increased numbers of self-represented litigants. Working with Court Administrator Harry Spence, who was appointed last year by the Supreme Judicial Court, the new Chief Justice of the Trial Court will develop policies and programs to support and maintain the highest standards of judicial excellence in the Trial Court. The Chief Justice of the Trial Court reports to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court.

"This is a unique leadership opportunity for a superbly skilled judge who can embrace innovative judicial management and various high level responsibilities amid daily challenges," said SJC Chief Justice Roderick L. Ireland. "The position will have strong appeal to a judge with vision, creativity, and energy to enable further improvements in court administration in collaboration with the Court Administrator and other court leaders. It is clearly designed for a talented individual who is not only an excellent communicator with numerous constituencies, including the public we serve, but one who wants to make valuable contributions in the administration of justice."

The Chief Justice will be appointed by the Justices from among the judges of the Trial Court for a five year renewable term. Judges are encouraged to nominate themselves. Others may also nominate a judge for consideration. All nominations and submissions must be received by the Supreme Judicial Court by March 1, 2013.

Link to Description of Position pdf format of cjtc-job-description.pdf