For Immediate Release - April 25, 2013

Trial Court and Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance Issue Update on Greenfield Courthouse Project

The Massachusetts Trial Court and the Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance (DCAMM) have announced that the Greenfield courthouse project has moved on to its next stage with the recent receipt of the signed lease by the property owner of the temporary site.

“I am pleased that we have advanced to the next important phase in the design and construction of the courthouse renovation,” said DCAMM Commissioner Carole Cornelison. “I know that Greenfield officials look forward to getting work underway on Main Street.”

“Court personnel are excited about the future move to a state-of-the-art facility,” said Trial Court Administrator Harry Spence. “The new facility will greatly enhance the Trial Court’s ability to serve the residents of Franklin County.”

The Trial Court, DCAMM and the property owner now meet weekly to review and discuss the project and any information needs. The property owner has applied for site plan approval by the City of Greenfield for exterior work at the site and has met with the city. If the plan is approved, the property owner anticipates that exterior site work can commence in May and continue through August. Interior work is projected to commence in late May and continue through November. The temporary courthouse will house the Greenfield District Court, Superior Court and Franklin Probate and Family Court.

The renovation planning for the current courthouse building is in the final review of construction documents. Review meetings have been held in recent weeks. The next phase will consist of bid solicitation by Whiting-Turner, the construction manager. The goal is to have contractors hired and bids approved by the start of construction, which is expected to begin in January 2014. When the renovation is completed, the newly renovated courthouse will also house the Housing Court and Juvenile Court, in addition to the District, Superior and Probate and Family Court.