For Immediate Release - June 13, 2016

Trial Court Releases Comprehensive Report on Jorge Zambrano Cases; Will Implement 6 Key Recommendations

BOSTON, MA-- The Trial Court today released a comprehensive report pdf format of Zambrano Report with Appendix
on the Trial Court’s handling of the criminal cases pending against Jorge Zambrano at the time he shot and killed Auburn Police Officer Ronald Tarentino, Jr. and shot a Massachusetts State Police Trooper. In support of the recommendations pdf format of Zambrano Report Recommendations
made in the report, Chief Justice Carey will form a task force charged with further developing and implementing the recommendations. 

"As a court system, we are saddened by the tragic loss of Officer Tarentino and the shooting of a State Police Trooper. This report by Chief Justice Dawley makes recommendations that will help improve the work we do and will improve the overall justice system," said Trial Court Chief Justice Paula M. Carey. “Our judges make significant decisions every day, and the recommendations in this report seek to provide them with important additional information upon which to base these decisions. The Trial Court is dedicated to ensuring best practices throughout our system, and we will develop and implement the recommendations with care and diligence.” 

The report, prepared by District Court Chief Justice Paul C. Dawley, finds that the discretion used by the judges and probation officers in Zambrano’s pending criminal cases was lawful and complied with relevant Trial Court policies, practices and procedures. The report further recognizes the Trial Court's ongoing responsibility to continuously review how the Trial Court can improve the administration of justice and public safety. 

The report reviews all interactions of Jorge Zambrano with the court system and focuses on his five pending criminal and probation cases. It contains over 1,600 pages of court records, police reports, Registry of Motor Vehicle Records, Department of Correction Records, and Trial Court policies, and makes six key recommendations to the Trial Court. 

The recommendations in the report focus on how judges and probation officers can be provided in the future with important additional information to inform their decisions regarding high risk offenders. The report pdf format of Zambrano Report with Appendix
, findings and recommendations pdf format of Zambrano Report Recommendations
 and appendix pdf format of Zambrano Report Appendix
of documents reviewed is available at: pdf format of Zambrano Report with Appendix

“I want to extend my sincere thanks to District Court Chief Justice Paul Dawley for his leadership and to the staff of his administrative office for producing this thorough and detailed report," said Chief Justice Carey. "I also want to thank Probation Commissioner Edward Dolan and his team for their contribution to the report.” 

The Trial Court has begun to assemble a task force with representatives of the District Court, Boston Municipal Court, Juvenile Court, and Superior Court, along with the Massachusetts Probation Service. Chief Justice Carey will seek the participation of other justice partners in this effort, as a number of the recommendations impact various aspects of the criminal justice system.