August 4, 2015

FY16 Budget Statement By:
Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Ralph D. Gants
Trial Court Chief Justice Paula M. Carey
Trial Court Administrator Harry Spence

The Judicial Branch is most grateful for the consideration given by the Legislature to the Trial Court’s needs in the FY16 budget process.  We fully understand and appreciate the difficult decisions and choices required to develop a budget that meets many critical funding needs across the state.  

The FY16 Trial Court budget appropriation of $631.5 million confirmed by the Legislature is critical to our ability to maintain basic operations and ensure execution of several critical initiatives. We express our deep appreciation for the support of the House and the Senate in the restoration of $4.16 million to assure the ability of the Trial Court to address serious issues, including opioid addiction and domestic violence.

This level of funding will allow the Trial Court to expand specialty courts and implement the key mandates of the Legislature's domestic violence statute, including development of a risk/assessment tool that will help identify the dangerousness of domestic violence defendants.  We look forward to continued partnership with the Legislative and Executive Branches on these and a wide range of other critical initiatives.