January 17, 2013

The appointment of Chief Justices for the Land Court, the Boston Municipal Court and the District Court Departments to a full five-year term will be executed by the Chief Justice of the Trial Court who succeeds me upon my retirement in July.

The term of Land Court Chief Justice Karyn F. Scheier expires in February and the term of Boston Municipal Court Chief Justice Charles R. Johnson expires in March.  They will remain as Chief Justices of their respective Courts until such time as the next Chief Justice of the Trial Court takes up the issue of the appointment of Chief Justices in these departments.

In the District Court an interim appointment will be made to succeed Chief Justice Lynda M. Connolly who will retire March 1st.  Per G.L. 211B, §7, I have asked the judges of the District Court to nominate themselves or other candidates for my consideration.  Candidates for the interim appointment do not need to have interest in seeking the full five-year term.  I expect to announce my appointment in early February.

The success of any leader is reliant upon the members of the entire leadership team.  I have benefited from the support of an outstanding team of departmental chief justices and I believe my successor should have the ability to select his or her team for the next five years.