April 4, 2012

On behalf of everyone in the Trial Court I extend a warm welcome to Harry Spence who has been selected by the Supreme Judicial Court to be the first Court Administrator of the Trial Court. 

Harry brings a wealth of experience in complex organizations that will add value to our efforts and I look forward to working with him.  He is a visionary, thoughtful leader.  I am confident that we will work well together to advance the capacity of the Trial Court to deliver quality justice.

I believe that this is a great day for the Trial Court.  I think you also will feel that way once you meet Harry.  In the months ahead he will visit our courthouses and reach out to members of this organization to learn more about our operations.  You will find him to be engaging and respectful.  He is genuinely interested in people and how they approach their work.  His success in advancing organizations builds on the professionalism of the people who are on the front lines.

I know that when Harry has the opportunity to meet those who work in the divisions and departments of the Trial Court, he will more fully appreciate the extraordinary people who have held court operations together under very challenging conditions through the last several years.

Going forward we will build on the substantial progress made through the determination of all in the Trial Court, as we further enhance our effectiveness and modernize the ways we deliver justice.  The addition of Harry Spence will strengthen our operations and complement the dedicated efforts of all who work in this organization.