Edward W. Brooke Courthouse
24 New Chardon Street
Boston, Mass.

The Massachusetts Trial Court announces the commencement of a pilot program extending the hours in three court departments operating sessions at the Brooke Courthouse in Boston.

This program is designed to assess over a period of time the usefulness of extended court hours as a convenience for certain segments of the public. Effective February 26, 2013, the Boston Municipal Court, Housing Court and Probate and Family Court Departments will begin conducting certain limited court sessions on two Tuesdays each month until 7:00 p.m. The dates for the first several months are as follows: February 26, March 12, March 26, April 9 and April 23.

The purpose of this pilot is to make the court available to members of the public during late afternoon and early evening hours. The sessions will be limited to specifically-designated case types. All matters will be pre-scheduled and/or by agreement of the parties.

The Clerks' Offices and Registry of Probate will not be open to the public during the extended hours. Those offices will staff the sessions, as needed. Emergency matters occurring weekday evenings from 4:30 p.m. to the opening of court at 8:30 a.m., or on weekends or holidays will continue to be processed through the Judicial Response System as accessed through the local police departments.

Information regarding the types of matters that will be available for this pilot, their scheduling, and courtroom locations will be posted to our website or the courts can be reached as follows:

Boston Municipal Court

Boston Housing Court

Suffolk Probate and Family Court