May 30, 2013

Chief Justice Robert Mulligan and Chief Justice Paula Carey today announced formation of an interdepartmental committee focused on the institutionalization and propagation of the Changing Lives Through Literature program.

“We believe that this is a transformative program for probationers, probation officers, judges and court staff, that has a beneficial impact on recidivism,” said Chief Justice Mulligan.

“We have formed a committee to ensure that this program emerges from the shadows, is more widely used, and receives the support it deserves.”

The committee will focus on publicizing the programs presently underway and will plan an educational program for the fall to give other judges and participants information and support to allow them to effectively implement a program.  The first meeting of the Committee will be held on June 6th in Boston.

Changing Lives Through Literature Committee

Boston Municipal Court
Hon. Rosalyn Miller, chair (Dorchester)

District Court
Hon. Lynn Rooney (Lowell)
Hon. Dyanne Klein (Newton)

Juvenile Court
Hon. James J. Torney

Probate & Family Court
Hon. Angela Ordoñez (Norfolk  County)

Superior Court
Hon. Robert Kane (Bristol County)
Hon. Kathe Tuttman (Middlesex County)

CPO Deirdre Kennedy (Dorchester)
PO Wayne St. Pierre (New Bedford)

Prof. Jean Trounstine, Middlesex Comm. College
Prof. Robert Waxler, UMass/Dartmouth
Prof. Kathleen Aguero, Middlesex Comm. College

Hon. Joseph Dever (retired)
Cmr. Ronald Corbett (retired)
June 2013