We are pleased to share the 2007 Annual Report of the Court Management Advisory Board(CMAB). The report underscores the variety and scope of activity and accomplishments across the Trial Court to improve the accountability and effectiveness of court operations.

Your support and commitment to continuous improvement within the Trial Court have resulted in a very positive assessment. The CMAB is pleased with the progress made on the recommendations outlined in the Report of the Visiting Committee on Management in the Courts (the “Monan” report) and the foundation laid in that report for further reforms.

The CMAB was established in 2003 by the Legislature after issuance of the Monan report, which identified the need for significant management reform of the courts. The members of the CMAB have provided valuable guidance to the Trial Court, as it has introduced practices to increase effectiveness, accountability and transparency.

Thank you for your participation and support to enable the ongoing transformation of the Trial Court, as we pursue further improvements in the delivery of justice.

Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall
Supreme Judicial Court 

Chief Justice Robert A. Mulligan
Administrative Office of the Trial Court

Court Management Advisory Board Issues 2007 Annual Report  pdf format of Court Management Advisory Board 2007 Annual Report