April 19, 2012

The Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA) at their 2012 Victim Rights event at the State House on April 11th recognized the work of the Separate and Secure Waiting Area Task Force in establishing secure areas for victims and witnesses in courthouses.  The SSWA Task Force was established pursuant to a 2010 statute to conduct a court-by court assessment and develop an implementation plan regarding the designation or creation of separate and secure waiting areas in courthouses where criminal sessions are held.

Janet Fine, Executive Director of MOVA and co-chair of the SSWA Task Force, expressed her gratitude to Task Force members and to the Trial Court for the commitment that has been demonstrated in this major undertaking.

Chief Justice Robert Mulligan, the Trial Court’s SSWA co-chair, commended the commitment, energy and persistent follow-through of the Task Force and the wonderful cooperation of court staff across the state.  He reported that of the 89 courthouses to be assessed, 64 site visits have been conducted as of mid-April.  Of the 25 remaining site visits required, eight are scheduled this month.  Recommendations have been provided to the Task Force for 48 courts and 23 have been approved for designation as SSWAs.

The SSWA Task Force members and support staff presented with a certificate of appreciation by MOVA are:

Marybeth Brady, Clerk-Magistrate, Malden District Court
Milton L. Britton, Jr., Chief Probation Officer (Acting,) Norfolk Superior Court
Colby Bruno, Managing Attorney, Victim Rights Law Center
Jenn Campbell, Project Manager, Division of Capital Asset Management,
Michael Lane, Environmental Coordinator, Court Capital & Facilities Management, AOTC
Liam Lowney, Chief, Victim Services -- Attorney General’s designee
Patrice Provitola, Director, Victim Witness Program, Middlesex DA’s Office
Mark Strahan, Fiscal Affairs Training Coordinator, AOTC
Evelyn Tobin, Victim and Witness Assistance Board, Victim/Public Member

Ann Archer, Administrative Attorney, AOTC
Christopher Klaskin, Legislative Affairs Coordinator, MOVA
Jamie Sabino, S.ST.O.P. Grant Coordinator, AOTC
Mary Gorham, Procurement Manager for Leased Property, AOTC
Richard L’heureux, Manager, Programming, Planning and Design, AOTC
John Monahan, Assistant Director of Security-Training (Acting), AOTC