May 30, 2013

We are pleased to appoint the members of the Trial Court's Strategy Leadership Team.  We have identified a strong, representative group of court leaders to oversee the implementation of the action plans developed through the strategic planning process.

We have included representatives from all departments encompassing a variety of leadership positions.  Seven of the team members have served on the Process Steering Committee and will bring valuable perspectives from their year of work on this effort.

The Strategy Leadership Team will reach deeper into the organization to form subgroups to work on specific issues.  The team also will report progress on a regular basis to the entire Trial Court.  We anticipate rotating team membership every year or two.

Development of the strategic plan is in the final stages and a completed strategic plan will be submitted to the Supreme Judicial Court in early June for review and approval.  The Leadership Team will meet on June 5th and will join the Process Steering Committee for their final meeting on June 12th.

Trial Court Strategy Leadership Team

Chief Justice Robert Mulligan
Chief Justice Paula Carey
Court Administrator Harry Spence

Paul Burke, Deputy Court Administrator – Housing Court
Craig Burlingame, Chief Information Officer*
First Justice Terry Craven, Suffolk County Juvenile Court*
Mark Conlon, Acting Director of Human Resources
Edward Dolan, Commissioner of Probation
Chief Justice Michael Edgerton, Juvenile Court
Judge Judith Fabricant, Superior Court*
First Justice Dina Fein, Western Division of the Housing Court
Christopher Fox, Associate Court Administrator
John Gay, Clerk/Magistrate – Springfield District Court*
Daniel Hogan, Clerk/Magistrate – Boston Municipal Court / Central Division
Tara Melo, Register of Probate – Middlesex County
Richard O’Neil, Probation Services Supervisor – Probate and Family Court*
Cynthia Robinson Markey, Legal Counsel – Boston Municipal Court*
Michael Sullivan, Clerk of Courts – Middlesex County
First Justice Maureen Walsh, Holyoke District Court
Kim Wright, Deputy Court Administrator – Probate and Family Court
Jill Ziter, Deputy Court Administrator – Land Court*

*Served on the Strategic Planning Process Steering Committee

Effective May 29, 2013