Community Corrections Centers

The Massachusetts Probation Service through its Office of Community Corrections (OCC) provides alternatives to traditional probation supervision. The Probation Service is statutorily charged with the development and implementation of intermediate sanctions. Intermediate sanctions are correctional interventions that are more intensive than traditional probation supervision but are not incarceration.

The OCC delivers intermediate sanctions through a statewide network of 18 Community Corrections Centers (CCC). CCCs facilitate enhanced supervision as an alternative to incarceration for probationers through integrated services and sanctions. Services include substance abuse treatment, educational services, job development, life skills training, and case management. Sanctions include community service, random drug and alcohol testing, electronic monitoring, and accountability.

Intermediate sanction participants must report to the CCC several times each week for programming, community service, and drug testing, among other things. Probation officers assigned to the CCC help probationers meet program benchmarks so that they can become contributing members of their community. Since FY 2004 nearly 12,000 intermediate sanction participants have made a transition back to standard criminal justice supervision through a CCC.