Small Claims Forms are now available in Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole, Khmer, Russian, and Chinese (traditional)

These forms have been provided to court users for reference only. Only the English forms will be accepted by the Court, and all English forms must be completed entirely in English. You have a right to an interpreter, free of charge, for all court events. If you require an interpreter, please let the court staff know.

Multilingual Notice pdf format of Multilingual Notice

Small Claims in Massachusetts: What you need to know

Chinese pdf format of brochure-small-claims-cht.pdf | Haitian Creole pdf format of brochure-small-claims-hc.pdf | Khmer pdf format of brochure-small-claims-kh.pdf | Portuguese pdf format of brochure-small-claims-ptb.pdf | Russian pdf format of brochure-small-claims-ru.pdf | Spanish pdf format of brochure-small-claims-es.pdf | Vietnamese pdf format of brochure-small-claims-vi.pdf English pdf format of Small Claims in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) About Small Claims

Chinese pdf format of faq-small-claims-cht.pdf | Haitian Creole pdf format of faq-small-claims-hc.pdf | Khmer pdf format of faq-small-claims-kh.pdf | Portuguese pdf format of faq-small-claims-ptb.pdf | Russian pdf format of faq-small-claims-ru.pdf file size 4MB | Vietnamese pdf format of faq-small-claims-vi.pdf file size 8MB | Spanish pdf format of faq-small-claims-es.pdf | English

Instructions for Filing a Small Claims

Chinese pdf format of instructions-small-claims-cht.pdf | Haitian Creole pdf format of instructions-small-claims-hc.pdf | Khmer pdf format of instructions-small-claims-kh.pdf | Portuguese pdf format of instructions-small-claims-ptb.pdf | Russian pdf format of instructions-small-claims-ru.pdf | Spanish pdf format of instructions-small-claims-es.pdf | Vietnamese pdf format of instructions-small-claims-vi.pdf file size 5MB | English

Statement of Small Claim and Notice of Trial

Chinese pdf format of small-claim-notice-of-trial-cht.pdf | Haitian Creole pdf format of small-claim-notice-of-trial-hc.pdf | Khmer pdf format of small-claim-notice-of-trial-kh.pdf | Portuguese pdf format of small-claim-notice-of-trial-ptb.pdf | Russian pdf format of small-claim-notice-of-trial-ru.pdf | Spanish pdf format of small-claim-notice-of-trial-es.pdf | Vietnamese pdf format of small-claim-notice-of-trial-vi.pdf | English pdf format of Statement of Small Claim and Notice of Trial

Verification of Defendant's Address

Chinese pdf format of verification-of-defendant-address-cht.pdf | Haitian Creole pdf format of verification-of-defendant-address-hc.pdf | Khmer pdf format of verification-of-defendant-address-kh.pdf | Portuguese pdf format of verification-of-defendant-address-ptb.pdf | Russian pdf format of verification-of-defendant-address-ru.pdf | Spanish pdf format of verification-of-defendant-address-es.pdf Vietnamese pdf format of verification-of-defendant-address-vi.pdf | English pdf format of Verification of Defendant's Address by Plaintiff

Small Claims Answer

Chinese pdf format of answer-small-claims-cht.pdf | Haitian Creole pdf format of answer-small-claims-hc.pdf | Khmer pdf format of verification-of-defendant-address-kh.pdf | Portuguese pdf format of answer-small-claims-ptb.pdf | Russian pdf format of answer-small-claims-ru.pdf | Spanish pdf format of answer-small-claims-es.pdf | Vietnamese pdf format of answer-small-claims-vi.pdf | English pdf format of Small Claims Answer

Small Claims Counterclaim

Chinese pdf format of small-claims-counterclaim-cht.pdf | Haitian Creole pdf format of small-claims-counterclaim-hc.pdf | Khmer pdf format of answer-small-claims-kh.pdf | Portuguese pdf format of small-claims-counterclaim-ptb.pdf | Russian pdf format of small-claims-counterclaim-ru.pdf | Spanish pdf format of small-claims-counterclaim-es.pdf | Vietnamese pdf format of small-claims-counterclaim-vi.pdf | English pdf format of Small Claims Counterclaim

Financial Statement of Judgment Debtor

Chinese pdf format of financial-statement-of-judgment-debtor-cht.pdf | Haitian Creole pdf format of financial-statement-of-judgment-debtor-hc.pdf | Khmer pdf format of financial-statement-of-judgment-debtor-kh.pdf | Portuguese pdf format of financial-statement-of-judgment-debtor-ptb.pdf | Russian pdf format of financial-statement-of-judgment-debtor-ru.pdf | Spanish pdf format of financial-statement-of-judgment-debtor-es.pdf | Vietnamese pdf format of financial-statement-of-judgment-debtor-vi.pdf | English pdf format of Financial Statement of Judgment Debtor

Agreement for Judgment and Payment Order

Chinese pdf format of agreement-for-judgment-and-for-payment-order-cht.pdf | Haitian Creole pdf format of agreement-for-judgment-and-for-payment-order-hc.pdf | Khmer pdf format of agreement-for-judgment-and-for-payment-order-kh.pdf | Portuguese pdf format of agreement-for-judgment-and-for-payment-order-ptb.pdf | Russian pdf format of agreement-for-judgment-and-for-payment-order-ru.pdf | Spanish pdf format of agreement-for-judgment-and-for-payment-order-es.pdf | Vietnamese pdf format of agreement-for-judgment-and-for-payment-order-vi.pdf | English pdf format of Agreement for Judgment and Payment Order

Defendant's Claim of Appeal

Chinese pdf format of defendants-claim-of-appeal-cht.pdf | Haitian Creole pdf format of defendants-claim-of-appeal-hc.pdf | Khmer pdf format of defendants-claim-of-appeal-kh.pdf file size 4MB | Portuguese pdf format of defendants-claim-of-appeal-ptb.pdf | Russian pdf format of defendants-claim-of-appeal-ru.pdf file size 3MB | Spanish pdf format of defendants-claim-of-appeal-es.pdf | Vietnamese pdf format of defendants-claim-of-appeal-vi.pdf file size 3MB | English pdf format of Defendant's Claim of Appeal

Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment

Chinese pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-cht.pdf | Haitian Creole pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-hc.pdf | Khmer pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-kh.pdf | Portuguese pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-ptb.pdf | Russian pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-ru.pdf | Spanish pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-es.pdf | Vietnamese pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-vi.pdf | English pdf format of Satisfaction of Judgment

Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment in Counterclaim

Chinese pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-in-counterclaim-cht.pdf | Haitian Creole pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-in-counterclaim-hc.pdf | Khmer pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-in-counterclaim-kh.pdf | Portuguese pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-in-counterclaim-ptb.pdf | Russian pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-in-counterclaim-ru.pdf | Spanish pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-in-counterclaim-es.pdf | Vietnamese pdf format of satisfaction-of-judgment-in-counterclaim-vi.pdf | English pdf format of Satisfaction of Judgment in Counterclaim